Nine Gems of Virtue

The Journey Begins
Time for a new adventure, new friends, and new enemies.

We begin with our heroes (Ariana the Bard, and Marie the Rogue) traveling across the Great Bridge, a massive structure miles long and at least a mile wide. They are on a pilgrimage to see the wise king Solomn and his Gem of Wisdom. It is a long but simple trip, through common trading routes. In the caravan they are with there are a noble family, a peasant family, some merchants, a pair of drunken mercenaries, and one mysterious hooded traveler with a shady disposition. The group of them head on out into the open road after crossing the bridge, but the first stop at camp brings new troubles. Our heroes wake up in a bizarre dream world with no obvious way out. They are put through a number of challenges, which they easily pass due to their cunning and wisdom. However, some of the nobles are not so lucky, they have lost a young couple who were caught in their own greed.

It is revealed that the hooded traveler is part of the king’s personal guard known as “The Guides” and he was the one who poisoned the group, causing them to partially travel into another plane. He explains it as necessary to test them as dark times are upon the kingdom, with the goblins and orcs battling constantly and the dragons being more and more active, but there is obviously things he isn’t telling everyone.

The group moves past the loss, as the journey isn’t even half way over yet. Of course, nothing is ever simple, and the road to the next town is blocked by a horde of goblins. Our heroes decide to take the caravan around into the shallows of the forest. However, they are quickly assaulted by a pair of giant bats. Unluckily for the bats, our heroes are trained adventurers, and they quickly dispatch the monsters with ease.


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