Nine Gems of Virtue

Meeting the King

That was interesting

Our heroes are in the castle and they finally get to meet the king, an old man on a simple wooden throne. The only extravagant thing about him is the large ring he wears. After scanning over the party he notices a few things and quickly assigns a few members long lost family heirlooms. It turns out Nik is related to royalty. After this small matter is settled they go to seek council with the king, but it seems he is already talking with someone. The person talking with the king is one of the Guides, judging by his hood and demeanor. Suddenly, the hooded figure stabs the king and runs past our heroes. Nik and X begin trying desperately to heal the king, but he was stabbed with a poison dagger, and he seems to have no will to live. The rest chase down the assassin, trying everything to slow him down and capture him. They grab him close to the door, but he teleports away.

The city guard begin to investigate all persons in the castle, and they settle on our heroes as the prime suspects. Due to a lag in the political justice process, our heroes manage to run out of the city. The last clue they get as to what happened is the Guide they traveled with telling them where the Guide’s main base is in the mountains.

The party heads up the mountain range and after fighting many monsters they come across the Guide’s temple. Ariana, Marie, and Jeffery head into the temple to get some information, but then quickly get caught in a errand to seal up a portal to another plane. After arriving in the other world Jeffery quickly gets stoned and drunk, and then finds a few of the items needed to seal the portal. They kill a rage drake and use its skull to carry some lava needed for the sealing ritual. Then they meet a demon reigning over this world, he gives them a gem holding his being so he may travel throughout the world they came from.

After sealing up the portal our heroes get information leading them to the sea side city of Seasidia. This is where the lover of the assassin is known to live. Now our heroes are off through the valley path through the mountains to the northern seas.



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