Nine Gems of Virtue

Drugs and Dragons

Just when they thought it couldn't get crazier

Introducing, new character: Jeffery the Warlock

Our heroes finally come to the beginning of the end of their journey, and rest at the riverside town of Riverside (It will become apparent that the people of this continent are not very imaginative). They meet up with a heavy drinking warlock, who the hooded Guide takes great interest in. Par for the course, in the middle of supper, the group is attacked. It seems everyone has been poisoned with a dangerous substance, Psychic Poison, said to be have been created by demons of madness. Luckily for our heroes, they have already been exposed to this substance in the form of their initial test. Jeffery the Warlock, however, is knocked out cold. Jeffery is sent through a series of chaotic trials, in which he is disoriented, yelled at, and blasted with fire multiple times. In the land of the conscious, Ariana and Marie are valiantly battling the attackers, and they quickly dispatch them. The night is safe, as Jeffery wakes up and cracks a one liner.

The next morning holds much excitement as well, it seems. Our heroes are drafted by the local guard to protect the town from goblins and orcs holding a battle in the center of the village. The situation gets far worse when it is seen that the goblins have captured a young red dragon by means of magical chains. Since our heroes are a quick thinking and kindly bunch, they work on breaking the chains to free the dragon. Thankful for being freed, the dragon then dispatches the remaining goblins and flies home. After a quick cleanup of leftover orcs, our heroes begin talking with the Guides. Jeffery has been recruited into their team, and it is obvious to the Guides that someone was helping the goblins, most probably those who poisoned them last night.

But the time for talk is over, and now the caravan must cross the river and ride across the fields of Giving to the great city and the king.



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