Nine Gems of Virtue

At the City

New people what?

Featuring new characters Nik the Wizard, and X the Cleric.

Not much to say, but two new adventurers are the focus of this session. A pair desperately trying to get into the city walls to see the king, end up fighting a group of goblins holed up in the underground of the city. They find a few interesting magic items, including a bag of holding and a bizarre gem holding a trickster spirit. They then find a small underground zoo who, interestingly enough, were using the same type of chains the goblins were using on the dragon. They find a bear and befriend it, its name is Stephen apparently. The pair sneak into the city using the underground, and convince a local group of bandits to go work as guards on the farms, because otherwise they were going to kill them.

Ultimately they get to the castle at the same time as the rest of the group, what a coincidence.



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